Doctor Who

May 10, 2013


Dr. Who TV series has been running for over 26 years. It started back in 1963 when Televisions was only in black and white. The show had been cut off for several years until BBC wales rived the program. Doctor Who is a British sci fi that is known for its creativity and special effects. The show has a large fan base throughout the world. The program won a big award in 2006- 2010 from the British Academy Television Award for the best drama.

The doctor is the main character that travels back in time to fight off villains; sometimes he will meet historical figures in the past. Doctor Who is a good scientist that solves problems. He has super human powers because of his 2 hearts. He can withstand radiation and high atmosphere pressure. He fights against evil villains like the vicious Abzorbaloff, the terrible Daleks and the other evil villain that try to destroy his plans. Our website has a doctor who episode list so you can watch your favorite episodes.